Social impact consulting for today’s world

Work in social impact has changed dramatically over the last few years. Whether you are in corporate social responsibility (CSR), nonprofit leadership, or a philanthropist, the stakes are higher. We get that. And we can help.

Strategy Development

We help you take your good work to the next level through focused strategic planning. Though every process is unique, we focus on developing realistic, actionable plans that clearly identify the goals, tactics, and initiatives you need to deploy to achieve measurable milestones and outputs.

Stakeholder Engagement

We are adept at designing strategies to identify and engage the key stakeholders who are critical to achieving your vision. Whether it’s elected officials, policy experts, thought leaders, or funders, we develop roadmaps for engagement that make sense for your work and team.

Resource Development

Adequate resourcing is critical to social change, and also one of the hardest hurdles to clear when doing your work.

We often start with an assessment of your revenue streams and how each is developed and managed. From there, we evaluate the market and then we determine the most realistic paths forward to increase revenue. And then we continue to support you as you implement the plan we’ve developed.   

Strategic Partnerships

Solving social issues means collaborating at the highest level with the right partners. None of us can do this work alone. We help you understand what partnerships you need to cultivate, why, and how to manage those relationships for mutual and maximum benefit.

We also help you identify and remedy gaps in your partnerships with roadmaps for how to make strategic connections.

Executive Coaching

Executive positions can be isolating. We are able to provide an impartial support system as you navigate your leadership journey. 

Whether you have been an executive for many years or just a few months, we will help you identify and develop towards your specific needs and goals.  

Looking for a custom solution?

We can help. Let’s talk about your needs and see if we’re the right fit.

Big or small – we advise all

We work closely with clients of all kinds to develop customized solutions based research, strategic planning, learning, and evaluation.

Corporations & Business Leaders

ESG, Social Impact, CSR, Corporate Foundations, Employee Giving, Sustainability Commitments–these buzzwords all point to the same question: how should a corporation use its resources to contribute to making the world a better place?

We work with you to help answer that question by analyzing your current strategies, identifying what’s working and what’s not, and developing an actionable plan to move forward.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are dealing with more demand for their services and collaboration, alongside increased scrutiny of them as employers and stewards of donations. At the same time, the sector is full of passionate individuals who work tirelessly to make a difference.

We understand the pressures you face and have the experience to help you surmount hurdles and meet your goals, whether in resource development, program strategy, advocacy and engagement, or a combination of them all.


Individuals who want to use their resources to make a positive social impact face a sea of good causes and pressing issues as they consider their investments and involvement, whether philanthropic, political, or in socially conscious businesses. We help you wade through the options to make the right choices for transformational change.

The best solution to any problem is usually a conversation.

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