Jennie Dumont

Executive Assistant

Jennie brings her years of experience teaching and working within academia to her role on the Wachs Strategies team. Her skills in working with online platforms for engagement and learning help the Wachs Strategies team keep client work organized, streamlines communications, and elevates our ability to collaborate. Jennie also is a backbone to the team’s organization and client relationship management.

Where did you study and get your start professionally? What other hats did you wear before becoming a social impact consultant? 

I completed my PhD in French and Francophone studies at NYU and I have been a World languages instructor for over 20 years in France and the United States. Starting even before the pandemic in 2020, I have worked in designing online classes for community colleges and continue to hone my expertise in facilitation of online classes. From 2018-2021, I served as the Program Director for the STARTALK Arabic and Chinese program at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD, overseeing a talented group of Chinese, Iraqi and Egyptian Instructors as they set out to inspire the next generation of speakers of critical languages for US intelligence and global business performance. Now as EA at Wachs Strategies, I am part of a team of consultants whose work is critical for the next generation of social entrepreneurs, corporate social responsibility leaders, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropists.

What do you feel you do best for your clients and fellow team members at Wachs Strategies? 

I am focused on how to support each of my colleague’s interactions with clients or what I see as a special collaborative learning space between Wachs advisors and their clients during a project. As the executive assistant, I am supporting Josh and his team of Senior advisors as they guide their clients along a new path of development and expanded impact for their organization. I am also supporting Wachs Strategies clients as I get to communicate with everyone during the project as well as capture the progress made during meetings or gather relevant information during the market research process. 

What are the components that go into maintaining a successful client and consultant relationship over time? 

All of the clients at Wachs Strategies are playing an enormous role in the world and carry a load of responsibility on their shoulders. Against this backdrop of vital but complex work, the clients feel uplifted and inspired during each phase of the consulting project. The work that Josh, Kathryn, and Kelly put into the meetings, discussions, research, and implementation plan is customized to each client and the clients feel seen, heard, and supported as they set their new strategy. 

What are you passionate about besides your work at Wachs Strategies consulting?

After living in Paris, France for a number of years, I am now raising a family with my husband in Maryland. We are active in our community through my community college work, and we volunteer for our children’s swim team and son’s theater program. I love to do Pilates and walk the family dog along the walking trails of Columbia, MD.

In their words I learn from doing, seeing and hearing so I fill my time with meetings, with clients, candidates, the team and anyone else I can gain insights on how to run the business better or how else I should be innovating.

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