Strategic assessment for a nonprofit on a tech product

The Brief

Our clients, two major nonprofits, were the co-owners of a technology product that addressed a previously unmet need in its community. However, neither nonprofit had a strategic focus on technology or were fully staffed to run a technology product. Given these realities, they needed to assess what the most feasible plan for the future could look like for the product, including a cost-benefit scenario, to determine next steps.

Wachs Strategies was brought in to:

  • Assess the product,
  • Identify the value provided to the community and its likely market value to generate enough revenue to cover its costs, and
  • Guide a decision-making process with both entities to determine the next steps for the product.

Our Approach

Wachs Strategies outlined a project plan that would allow for a full assessment of the product, including an outside technical review, interviews with key stakeholders internally and externally, revenue review, and potential feasibility for acquisition or merger. Over multiple months, Wachs Strategies led the two nonprofit clients through this full assessment to determine the best path forward for the product.

Value Delivered

Through a six month process, Wachs Strategies engaged with multiple internal and external stakeholders, including potential philanthropic funders, impact investors, and perceived potential acquisition targets, to help the nonprofit clients determine the best path forward for the product. Our project helped them align on a plan for the product and set them on a path for the product’s eventual acquisition.

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