Strategic planning for a nonprofit

The Brief

This client came to Wachs Strategies requesting support in running a strategic planning process for the organization. Their previous strategic planning process had been an onerous task, and the executive team was clear they needed a new approach this time. They engaged our team to:

  • Design a strategic planning process that would involve key stakeholders without bogging down the process;
  • Focus on aligning the plans they already had in motion with the bigger picture;
  • Help them create a structure that would lend itself to regular tracking

Our Approach

Wachs Strategies designed this project scope to engage their team to build out a plan that would lead to tangible outcomes. The client wanted an actionable plan that would be used to drive internal decision making and external discussions. 

We focused on getting the right people into the conversations early, using them as ambassadors to the different stakeholder groups they represented, whether that was board, staff, volunteers, or customers. We then used the framework that the group developed to engage a smaller group of executive team members to get into the details of the plan, from three-year goals to specific milestones and metrics of success to mark progress along the way.

Value Delivered

The strategic planning process we offered ensured that our client had a clear roadmap to guide their decision making and plans for the next three years, the buy in from staff and their board to help achieve those goals, and the confidence that they had the ability to make a meaningful impact on their mission without stretching themselves too thin.

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