Social Impact Consulting with Individuals

Every individual’s giving can make a difference. We believe in the power of personal engagement and strategic giving plans, and we’re here to help you design the path to the impact you want to see.  

Everyone gives differently, whether you’re the Gates Foundation or an individual with a cause you’re passionate about. Our team is ready to support you in designing or refining your giving plans, vetting the organizations or candidates you want to support, and helping you measure the impact of your contributions. 

We can help with:

You and your family have broad issue areas you care about deeply. We can help you develop, refine, and implement a strategy to maximize your impact.

Keeping up with the latest trends, polls, platforms, and candidates is a lot to manage. We can help you create a strategy for investing in political candidates and organizations that share your values. 

Today there are multiple ways to give, and we can help you develop the systems you need to more effectively track and manage your investments. We are experienced at working with accountants and family offices to ensure that our work complements the financial management goals you have. 

Typical Requests

Our Approach

We start with getting to know you and your goals, and the ways you’ve been involved in giving in the past. Then we focus on getting to know not just what you’ve done or given, but also why you made those investments. 

Next we work with you to develop a plan for your efforts going forward. Workflows might include:

Custom solutions for your company’s needs

Giving doesn’t have to be hard. We can help you make the right choices to ensure you’re making the impact you want to see.

What Makes Us Different

To maximize impact and realize mission-critical objectives, nonprofits, philanthropies and companies must evolve beyond transactional charity work and become dynamic change agents.

Wachs Strategies is a full-service, one-stop shop for what it takes to execute at the highest level. We make all our clients three promises that separate us from other firms: 

A Nimble Team

We stand ready to respond quickly to real-time opportunities and challenges so that you stay on track with your goals.

100% of Our Attention

As a small firm, we work on a limited number of clients at a time. So you can expect to have our full attention. The team you speak to on day one is the same team you will have throughout.

Custom Solutions

We tailor our solutions to your needs. Our years of experience are a guide; but it’s your goals that determine the exact path we take.

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