Unique engagement strategy with an individual client

The Brief

This client retained Wachs Strategies to explore the best possible way to use their unique strengths, connections, and profile to make an impact on an issue area that they were passionate about. This client wanted to determine what would be the best use of their limited time and significant connections to make an impact in a relatively short period of time. 

This client was already knowledgeable about the issue area, and their involvement had left them feeling like they could do more to really help. They also wanted to establish a plan that would be different from how others in their industry often got involved, and that would leverage their own skills as a communicator and storyteller.

Our Approach

Wachs Strategies engaged in a multi-month project to identify potential paths for engagement and support their decision-making regarding the most influential strategy to pursue. Our project went through several clear phases to support this process.

First, we created a listening and learning space for our client, who wanted to hear directly from as many of the organizations and individuals in the space as possible. We built relationships that could then be called upon for further discussions, and this process culminated in a day-long listening session facilitated by Wachs Strategies.

Then, we presented our client with several potential pathways for engagement, each tying into their goal for maximum impact using their unique skills and potential influence.

Finally, we worked with our client to decide how they could design an engagement strategy and manage their involvement in the issue area that would make an impact and be welcomed by those leading the most influential work.

Value Delivered

Wachs Strategies helped our client move through the multiple stages of necessary in building a personal influence and engagement strategy for social good. This client has become a mainstay in the issue area they chose, and their authentic involvement, passionate commitment, and realistic approach to engagement has influenced the way others in their field have chosen to engage.

This client continues to be a visible and vocal issue area supporter, and the relationships that we helped them build in their listening session remain some of the organization’s that they are most involved with.

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