Realigning a CSR program to better suit today’s company

The Brief

Wachs Strategies scoped out a several month project timeline that would allow for enough time for thorough review of current processes, research into other similarly structured entities programs, multiple interviews with internal and external stakeholders, and development of a potential path forward for the company and the foundation. The second part of this project then focused on how to move into implementation.

Our Approach

The corporation wanted to better position its corporate giving program and increase its profile among company leaders and its industry. This company, based on an island, was particularly interested in showcasing how it was addressing climate change, because of the significant impact its community feels from the effects of a changing global climate. They brought Wachs Strategies in to:

  • Assess current giving and employee engagement,
  • Review the intentions of the company in addressing climate change as a key topic, and
  • Recommend ways to implement a stronger, more streamlined, program that could lift the profile of the program.

Value Delivered

Our project resulted in a plan for a structured corporate social responsibility platform that will better meet the company’s needs and reflect their authentic commitment to supporting efforts that will help address the impacts of climate change on their deeply impacted community.

The components of their new plan will:

  • ensure their internal business practices align with best practices in sustainability for businesses,
  • continue to engage their employees in the community efforts they indicate they care about, and
  • integrate their business leaders and units into the community affairs work.
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