Social Impact Consulting for Nonprofits

From strategic planning, board engagement, resource development, advocacy,  or a combination of them all, we’re here to help your organisation chart the right path to meet your mission.

Nonprofits across all issue areas are working through the effects of Covid-19, inflation, and an increasingly polarized political landscape. The way you care for people has changed; the need is greater than ever; and the competition for resources and attention is fierce.  

We understand the challenges you’re facing, and we’re here to partner with you to help address them. 

Our Expertise

Our approach to strategic planning is customized and focused on meeting the needs of your organization. We focus on getting the right level of engagement from key stakeholders, such as customers or clients, staff, board, and volunteers, as well as moving the project through to specific and measurable goals. Our final deliverable is not meant to be put on the shelf and looked at annually; it’s a map towards your future that your teams will refer to regularly for decision making and prioritization. 

We are experts in fundraising and resource development, and we understand the consistently changing landscape that you are considering for your fundraising and resource development efforts. We help our clients assess their revenue streams, understand the opportunities for further growth, and help them prioritize a plan to get the resources they need to be successful. We also partner with you in responding to the opportunities and challenges that come up while we’re working together.
No one works alone – it’s a fact in almost all areas of work, but it’s especially true in the nonprofit sector. We help our clients understand who they should be working with, in what way, and how to set up partnerships to better advance their particular strategies. We also help our clients understand who their key stakeholders should be to meet their mission and vision, and then build and execute plans to engage them. 

Typical Requests

Our Approach

Our first step is to get to know you: what matters to you, your team, and stakeholders, and what challenges you face. Then we develop workflows and timelines accordingly. These workflows might include: 

Custom solutions for your company’s needs

Strategic planning, resource development, stakeholder engagement:
we can help you navigate it all.

Josh functioned as the No Kid Hungry campaign’s key architect, designing a strategy that was strong enough to rally behind, efficient enough to make use of Share Our Strength’s unique assets, and flexible enough to accommodate new opportunities and lessons learned as we attempted a type of social change that no one had ever done before. As a result, Share Our Strength nearly doubled in size and more than doubled its impact, changing the lives of millions more American kids. Josh’s combination of strategic thinking, political savvy and personal commitment makes Wachs Strategy a force multiplier on behalf of transformational change.
Bill Shore
Executive Director, National Fitness Foundation

What Makes Us Different

To maximize impact and realize mission-critical objectives, nonprofits, philanthropies and companies must evolve beyond transactional charity work and become dynamic change agents.

Wachs Strategies is a full-service, one-stop shop for what it takes to execute at the highest level. We make all our clients three promises that separate us from other firms: 

A Nimble Team

We stand ready to respond quickly to real-time opportunities and challenges so that you stay on track with your goals.

100% of Our Attention

As a small firm, we work on a limited number of clients at a time. So you can expect to have our full attention. The team you speak to on day one is the same team you will have throughout.

Custom Solutions

We tailor our solutions to your needs. Our years of experience are a guide; but it’s your goals that determine the exact path we take.

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The best solution to any problem is usually a conversation.

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