Social Impact Consulting for Corporations

CSR. Community Affairs. Corporate Giving. Employee Engagement. Stakeholder Engagement. Whatever name you call it, it’s a mandatory part of being a business today. We’ll help you make your strategy work better, for everyone.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to increase in its importance to consumers, investors, and employees, regardless of industry, history, or size of the company. We’re here to help you build or adjust your plans to meet the needs of today, whether that’s employee engagement, thought leadership, positioning in the field, or community goodwill.

Our Expertise

Your company has a history of grant making and employee engagement, but it needs to be built out. We can help you assess your current work, identify where it can be more aligned with your business objectives, and then help you develop a business case for the plan’s widespread adoption.
Today’s environment requires corporations to advance public social responsibility efforts that feel right and authentic to leadership and employees. We can help you develop and launch new programs with specific goals and metrics.

Social responsibility can generate opportunities for improved public affairs and for executive engagement. We understand the balance companies navigate when considering corporate social responsibility and advancing business goals. There are numerous ways that your CSR strategies can be leveraged by your public affairs, community engagement, and executive positioning goals. We work with you to find the alignments that are authentic to your CSR goals and help you build the necessary internal systems and support to better maximize them. 

Typical Requests

Our Approach

Our first step is to get to know you: what matters to you, your team, and stakeholders, and what challenges you face. Then we develop workflows and timelines accordingly. These workflows might include: 

Custom solutions for your company’s needs

We’re here to help you develop, expand, or steward a plan that works for you.

Wachs Strategies has exceeded our expectations. The team has a deep understanding of what it takes to develop strategies and deliver. With their help we filled our donor pipeline, held successful fundraising events and crafted customized messaging and approaches for key donors that resulted in securing the revenue we needed to succeed. Josh’s team not only helped with the prospects we had, but also helped us design the donor infrastructure we need to keep being successful for the long-term.
Desmond Meade
Executive Director, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

What Makes Us Different

To maximize impact and realize mission-critical objectives, nonprofits, philanthropies and companies must evolve beyond transactional charity work and become dynamic change agents.

Wachs Strategies is a full-service, one-stop shop for what it takes to execute at the highest level. We make all our clients three promises that separate us from other firms: 

A Nimble Team

We stand ready to respond quickly to real-time opportunities and challenges so that you stay on track with your goals.

100% of Our Attention

As a small firm, we work on a limited number of clients at a time. So you can expect to have our full attention. The team you speak to on day one is the same team you will have throughout.

Custom Solutions

We tailor our solutions to your needs. Our years of experience are a guide; but it’s your goals that determine the exact path we take.

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Realigning a CSR program to better suit today’s company

Wachs Strategies scoped out a several month project timeline that would allow for enough time for thorough review of current processes, research into other similarly structured entities programs, multiple interviews with internal and external stakeholders, and development of a potential path forward for the company and the foundation.

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